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The Charm of Roulette:

Any game that has to win the money multiplies the intensity of the emotions of the players. Joy, anger, depression, excitement, optimism, pessimism, frenzy, frustration, triumph are just some of the dozens of emotions experienced by the players. Of all the gambling games roulette is the undisputed queen, and the symbol of the casino. And it is to its tables that all these emotions are mixed giving rise to a emotional environment unique and inimitable. The reasons for which the roulette from two centuries exerts a fascination on all the players are different and all contribute equally to create that atmosphere that for centuries remains unchanged.

The noble History

From her earliest inception roulette has exercised a mysterious fascination. Writers, poets, noble and general have contributed to create around the roulette wheel an aura of exclusivity. It is the oldest casino game is up at the beginning of the century reserved to those who had money in abundance. Monaco first and the cinema then have contributed to make it the symbol of the gambling and wealth. The characters of James Bond and Humphrey Bogart without roulette they would not exercise the same fascination. Even today, that has become a game for everyone, in many casinos the atmosphere at the roulette table has something old, historical, watching the ball turn and it is as if time had stopped.

The variety of Bets

No other gambling offers such a variety of combinations. Whatever the characteristic of the player, roulette can express their own play freely. Anyone who loves the risk can venture large sums on multiple combinations, who is content to proceed slowly on the red, who fills almost the entire table of medals and who has its own lucky number that never stops playing. At the roulette table play both the systems engineer who is studying the numbers, the probability, the percentages both the casual player who goes to sensations and tip by following your instinct: both leading its solitary personal challenge with the wheel and the ball.

The cyclicality

Roulette is the only game of casino that allows the player to obtain high payouts in a few minutes. The charm of roulette is given especially by the alternation of moments positive and negative. At any time by a dramatic negative situation you can retrieve and maybe even win more than expected. There are a few players who have thrown desperate the last chips and are leaving triumph. As well as those in active that you are stubborn on a number or on a combination up to lose everything and even more.

The accessibility

The charm of the roulette attracts both the rich who have money to throw, both the common people with some savings from risk. Side by side united in the fight against the wheel with the imperturbable regularity does not look in the face to anyone. While being accessible to all, the casino, they are not easily accessible. Therefore the inevitable wait between one evening and the other helps to create a greater expectation and therefore make it more exciting. Nothing to do with the tobacconist under the house where the ease of playing the lotto superenalotto and videopoker can easily and squallidamente lead to ruin.

The unpredictability

Although it is impossible to mathematically win, roulette has the ability to create abnormal situations and unpredictable of repetitions, alternations and such delays as to disregard every type of estimate. The same unpredictability that may lead to red for twelve consecutive times: an event that sends in ecstasy of the player who has had the good fortune or the courage to insist, and that ago bite the hands (if not worse) than rabies the player convinced that after six times it would no longer repeated and has abandoned.

The Emotions

After the "rien va plus" to the table you create a particular voltage, the ball begins to slow down and silence of tens of eyes that eyeing the wheel is broken by the noise of the ball that hits the lozenge, drops rapidly, and jumping from one sector to the other stops in a groove. In those moments the whirl of emotions and indescribable, palpitations, tremors, breaths was pandemonium when, chills, and a voltage that is abruptly releases to make space to triumph or to discouragement.

Perhaps the secret is just about everything here, in that moment in which the ball slows down, when everyone from systems engineer to the tourist, from rich entrepreneur to the student, are safe and that will be the good time ....

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