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Rules - French Roulette "European" - The Game


The game is open with this announcement by the croupier. The same is repeated for urging the players to focus and not wait until the last moment, the player can choose to focus their chips (mandatory for the outside bets) or hand them over to the croupier. In this case you must place them on the table near the croupier (never give them in hand) and proclaim the combination chosen (see glossary ads). He will repeat aloud the combination you request while the placed on the table. Make sure that he has understood the game and that the chips they are positioned correctly.

For the outside bets pay attention to their position, the chips can not be run from one side to the other of the table if for example you play red and equal that are on two opposite sides you should run from one side to the other of the table or, if you are sitting, use the rake of the players (not an easy task) Be very careful to respect the betting limits of the table if not delivered the chips the dealer.


The croupier clerk boule collects the ball, grips the arm of the roulette, it stops the movable part and the restarts in the opposite direction. Immediately after placing the ball below the upper edge of the fixed cylinder and the lance in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the roulette and announces "the jeux the soint fait". Players can still aim, and even in the hectic moments focus many bets of those who for reasons ward off evil, why play systems on the croupier or because they are in delay play at tumbler time.


The announcement "Rien va plus" puts an end to the bets and freezes the situation on the table. The bets may no longer be modified, and the players not only have to wait until the end of the stroke of the ball. Released the number the croupier announces the number came out and the related basic combinations (e.g. 27 rouge,impair,passe). Any announcements winning accepted the latter is not placed, are positioned in the areas corresponding to then be paid. The croupier clerk to collect the chips away from the table with the rake all bets losers, while the other croupier beside the cylinder starts to pay winnings.


Payment is in order starting from basic combinations, followed by those double and then the multiple combinations of the poem until full. For the basic combinations and double, the payment is made by placing the payoff to the side of the wager, the player must ensure the proper payment and any "long hand" that they steal unduly from the winnings. The payment of chance multiple takes place to call. The croupier beats with the angle of the rake on winning token to ask the owner to identify themselves and proceed to the payment.

Finished the payment of the final bet begins a new bet.

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