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English Roulette "Fairoulette":

English Roulette FairouletteAmong the most significant differences we observe the size of the table and the shape of the trace (tableau), the cylinder (the cylindre) with the numbers arranged in a similar manner but without the four handles used to reverse its rotation, the presence of the Head Table (Chef de Table) and there is only one used (croupier), the endowment of the bank formed by tokens of value, but especially of color: and finally, the procedures for the payments for color in a cumulative manner.

Each table has a budget of tokens of the same nominal value, if not otherwise indicated, that differ in the color: each player is given a staff.

This measure facilitates the customer in identifying their own stakes and eliminates the possible challenges relating to the wagers and winnings.

It is important to remember that the tokens of color imprinted table number to which it belongs, therefore, can be played only on the one indicated.

The player wishes to perform their own episodes, however, if you wish, you have the possibility to deliver the dealer announcements concerning the series 5/8, the neighbors of the Zero, the orphans and the number with its side of the cylinder, two on the right and two on the left.

The game is very simple: you bet against the bank trying to guess what number will fall the ball launched by the croupier (the Le Bouler).

The winning bets will be entitled to premiums is proportional to the value of the tokens and the type of combination is chosen.

The game starts with the traditional invitation from the employee: "Messieurs Faites vos jeux" and ends after the launch of the boule with the usual "Rien ne va plus".

From this moment onwards they are no longer permitted the bets, only the head table, in some cases, may grant an exemption.

The ball determines the winning number when you stop in one of the thirty-seven boxes of the cylinder, the croupier announces in French by declaring their combinations simple (rouge or noir, pair or impair, manque or passe), at the same time highlights with dolly the corresponding number on the strip (tableau) and lists the winnings; immediately after "free the carpet" by withdrawing the tokens losers.

This phase has been completed prepares the payments by adhering to a preset order: columns, chances simple, dozens, and finally, after you have identified the owners, pays all winnings on multiple chances, always referring to the position of the tokens on the carpet, starting from those of color, and ending with those of value.

With the output of the 0 win bets on the number and its multiple combinations, forgiveness the columns and dozens, while bets on basic combinations, halving its own value, are now divided between the player and the tour (to share).

In the case where about the chances there is an odd number of tokens, the indivisible will remain "in prison" (en prison) bound into the line.

The next shot, if it will be successful, will be released, while it will be forfeited if loser.

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